Jet Lag Massage

Curing jetlag can be extremely challenging for a traveller who constantly flies across time zones. Fortunately, different therapies are now available to help travellers who suffer from constant stresses of plane travel recover from jet lag and other conditions and imbalances that stem from long haul flights. A jet lag massage (otherwise known as traveller’s massage) is one of the most effective means to remedy travel stress. Instead of overwhelming your system with caffeine and sleeping pills, consider jet lag massage to help reset your body clock and cure the stiffness and soreness of your muscles from having to sit through long travel.

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Massage is one of the best natural cures for jet lag. It helps reduce fatigue while also stimulating circulation, allowing your body’s internal clock to adjust to the new time zone, naturally, without having to abuse caffeine and sleep medication. Two types of recovery massages are best for jet lag, namely, reflexology and aromatherapy. Reflexology massage therapies target the central nervous system, particularly the pineal gland. Stimulating the pineal gland increases the production of melatonin, which is needed for a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Aromatherapy, on the other hand, uses essential oils that help soothe and relax the mind and the body. Inhaling essential oils helps soothe the limbic system, regulating the body’s heart rate, reducing stress level, and balancing blood pressure, the immune system, and digestion, all of which translate to a healthier sleep-wake cycle. Combined with Swedish massage or other type of relaxing massage therapy, aromatherapy can be an effective jet lag massage treatment that soothes the mind while strengthening the body.

Massage can truly help cure jet lag and travel stress, but you can also avoid developing extreme discomfort from jet lag by keeping your body hydrated, moving around every so often during flight to keep your blood circulating properly, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before, during, and right after flight.