Home Massage

Not everyone in London will have time to visit a spa to enjoy massages. Luckily, we offer home massage services. Book a home massage with us here at The Massage Moghuls and we will send our massage therapists to your home or hotel room in London. We offer a wide range of massages that you can enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your household. Book a back massage for healing and relaxation, or try our aromatherapy massage to stimulate your senses, skin, and lymphatic system. Our therapeutic sessions are designed to remove toxic waste and help you achieve an overall feeling of relaxation or pain relief.

Our therapists in London can come over for reflexology massage, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage. Sports massage and reflexology are great for relaxation, but they can also treat certain injuries and health problems. Lymphatic drainage flushes out waste and harmful toxins from your body to improve your immune system and prevent diseases.

If you want to bond and relax with a significant other, a relative, or a friend at home, book a couple’s massage with us. It is one of our most popular services. Now, you can relax together while enjoying any of our massages.

We offer deep tissue massage to realign connective tissue and deeper layers of the muscles to relieve chronically tense and contracted areas that cause tightness in the lower back, sore shoulders, and stiff necks. Holistic massages target the mind, body, and spirit by relaxing taut muscles, releasing toxins, aiding the lymphatic system, and promoting an overall sense of well-being.

Do you travel a lot? You might benefit from our jet lag massage to overcome the symptoms like disorientation, insomnia, daytime sleepiness, slowed reflexes, irritability, indigestion, and difficulty concentrating. We also offer specialised massages like Thai, Swedish, and Lomi Lomi, which can be therapeutic, energising, and helpful in relieving body pains and tension.