Holistic Massage

Holistic massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that holistically treats the body, moving beyond simple pampering massage techniques and using various movements to promote rebalancing of the body, both internally and externally. This massage therapy encourages physical, mental, and emotional relief, using various types of therapeutic touches.

Holistic massage benefits not only the mind and the body, but also the spirit. It relaxes taut muscles while also aiding in natural lymphatic drainage, and releasing toxins from the body. This massage therapy not only relieves physical and emotional stress, but also helps alleviate many other restrictive problems associated with daily stresses and anxieties. Practitioners of this particular type of massage treatment are experts in promoting relaxation and bodily balance, encouraging many physical benefits. Holistic massage helps improve the quality of sleep, overall body circulation, concentration, and even waste removal, while also promoting more relaxed breathing.

This massage technique combines a wide variety of movements that help manipulate the muscles. It involves application of various levels of pressure to stimulate and soothe the entire body. Holistic massage aims to achieve balance in the recipient’s entire being and techniques applied as well as the effects may differ depending on the individual. This massage style is essentially based on the Swedish massage system, which is used for stimulation, relaxation, and rehabilitation of certain parts of the body or the whole of it.

Holistic massage promotes many therapeutic benefits, including:

  1. Improved muscle tone and enhanced circulation
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Whole-body relaxation, stress-release, and anxiety reduction
  4. Emotional uplifting and increased positivity
  5. Improved skin tone and elasticity
  6. Enhanced breathing
  7. Better lymph drainage, reduced swelling of lymph nodes
  8. Muscle fatigue relief
  9. Relief from stiff and tired joints
  10. General relaxation
  11. Healthier sleep-wake cycle
  12. Balanced digestion and improved waste removal
  13. Immune system boost
  14. Balanced blood pressure
  15. Improved overall health

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