Back Massage

Back massage is fundamental components of various massage therapies and many spa services. This type of massage focuses on the muscles of the back, ideal for those who suffer from chronic back pain or are in need of a therapy that concentrates on the various sections of the back area. As London spa-goers become more sophisticated, even more massage styles are emerging from traditional forms of kneading therapies and newer techniques are being developed to meet the changing needs of clients. Fortunately for those who want to enjoy the benefits of spa massages in the comfort of their own homes, mobile massage companies like The Massage Moghuls can provide therapeutic services without requiring clients to travel long distances just to distress and relax.

London residents are in the best hands with our expert therapists who know a wide range of massage styles and can deliver spa-like therapies whenever and wherever you need them be it your home, hotel, or even your office. If you are in need of a good kneading, contact us and request for our best on-call therapists here at The Massage Moghuls for a round of stress-releasing and therapeutic London back massage.

More and more people are becoming health conscious these days, and many are also discovering and recognizing the many health benefits of massage. However, with the wealth of massage options available today, it can be quite difficult to tell which type of back massage can truly help with your condition. Here are some popular types of massages that utilize back massage techniques, ideal for different types of therapeutic needs:

  • Swedish – A signature treatment that most, if not all therapists use, Swedish massage uses long, pressurized strokes over oiled skin to kneed outer muscles. This style is designed to ease stress, soothe sore muscles and joints, and boost circulation.
  • Deep-Tissue – Severely knotted back muscles require deeper manipulation of muscle tissues. This massage style targets the deepest layers of the muscle, using short strikes with more powerful pressure.
  • Sports – Designed for athletes, sports massage helps loosen and warm up muscles before and after athletic events. This type of massage is also ideal for reducing muscle soreness, which often occurs after rigorous muscle use during strenuous activities. Instead of deep pressure, sports massage uses more stretching techniques.
  • Shiatsu – Popular with Eastern healers, shiatsu is also an excellent back massage therapy that uses pressure-points along with various techniques such as stretching and rocking in order to unblock meridians and restore proper and health energy flow.