Mobile Massage Therapies

Mobile Massage Therapies

Mobile massage services have changed the way we can indulge in therapeutic and relaxing treatments in London. Simply call a mobile massage therapist to visit your home or office for instant relaxation. There are different mobile massage therapies that you can enjoy, and some of the famous ones in London are those that help alleviate stress and muscle tension, improve movement and athletic performance, and promote relaxation.

1. Aromatherapy massage. By combining therapeutic fragrant oils with manipulation, an aromatherapy massage can relieve stress and relax your aching, tense muscles. It can stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory system to reduce toxic waste and improve blood flow. Aromatherapy massage provides an overall sense of relaxation.

2. Indian head massage. People who live in bustling cities like London are prone to stress. An Indian head massage can help relieve stress and ailments that are associated with the fast-paced lifestyle. The massage works on areas that are affected by emotional and mental stress. It can enhance your senses, clear your mind, relieve blocked sinuses, and relieve headaches, too.

3. Deep tissue massage. Chronically contracted, stiff, and tense muscles and tissues can be treated with a deep tissue massage. The strokes are similar to a traditional Swedish massage, but with deeper, concentrated pressure on painful and tense areas, and with slower movements. Deep tissue massages are popular with athletes and fitness buffs.

4. Reflexology. Our feet have certain reflex points, which are connected to different parts of the body and organs. When they are manipulated through finger and thumb techniques, those body parts and organs are targeted while improving nerve function, blood circulation, and promoting relaxation.

5. Thai massage. This is a type of holistic therapy that can make you feel relaxed or energised. Thai massage uses rhythmic compression techniques on energy points and lines throughout the body with deep stretching.  The results are skin suppleness, improved organ function, better mental health, and enhanced circulation.

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